CrYpTo iS MoRE vOlaTile.

I have been holding some crypto in my cold wallet for years now, and the general consensus I have been getting is that "Cryptocurrencies are more volatile".

Recently I have decided to trade stocks on the side, also tried trading financial instruments like warrants. The TA for stocks trading seem to work similarly to crypto. Whilst I am still learning, I must say, at least during these few months, the stock market is a lot more volatile than crypto.

I will have to reconsider how my portfolio is being diversified.

  • John Adekunjo 5 months ago

    There's still more to uncover trust me.

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  • Godstime 5 months ago

    The crypto market is still recovering and I believe there is more to expect in the nearest future

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  • R 6 months ago

    The stock market has seen some crazy action latly, makes me a bit envy but i think well see some more movement in the crypto markets soon.

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